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17 tips on blogging best practices to overcome your creative block

Creative Block

I wish we could have a creativity pill.  Every person has once struggled to get ideas (I can’t help thinking of Michael Jackson’s song: You are not alone) *sigh*

  1. Take advantage of your beauty sleep. 

Hasn’t it happened to you that as soon as you open your eyes, you have a rush of ideas? The truth is that our brain never stops, we are machinating non-stop. Thus, keeping a notepad next to your bed makes sense after all.


Is there anything interesting going on up there? Write it down. At the beginning, they’ll sound  as random facts, but after working a bit, they might become a master piece.


The point is to takes notes as soon as you get to something, so you don’t lose the idea.


  1. Brainstorming is the path.

Creative Block

Just write it all down, make a list of every single idea that pops up. By mixing and matching them afterwards, you’ll get killer combinations.


For being more specific, just write down the keyword of the topic you’re writing about and write anything you can connect with this idea, don’t limit yourself, it can be a number, a color, whatever you can link.


  1. A notebook  is your new MUST.

I’m not sure if I’m being totally clear about you having to write everything down. If you are a visual person, adapt this! Do a sketch or a diagram. If by any chance you jump into a phrase or a song that might be useful, write a reminder for yourself.


A sketchbook is going to be your best friend, getting used to it might make you feel uneasy, but it’s just a matter of taking advantage of it. Train yourself, get a notepad and a pen and always have them with you.


  1. Take a break. 

Chill bro, as I said EVERYONE has been through a stage of zero creativity. If you aren't progressing with a project, get up of that chair and get some rest.


How? go for a walk, do something different, check a video on youtube, go to twitter, just take some minutes for yourself so your mind can fresh up.


  1. Pursue the completion.


I may sound like your mom by saying this, but you need to finish anything you start. Think of it like this: dreams are finally becoming true and that point of satisfaction is only reachable when you complete something.


Every project is a challenge and there is nothing sweeter than feeling as a victorious warrior after a long battle.


  1. Your office style matters. 

I'm not talking  about feng-shui, but you do need a place you feel comfortable in and that invites you to concentrate and create.


Your workplace should have good lighting, ventilation , be organized. Likewise, you need some space to stretch) trust me, after hours of work, you'll need it. Another thing count on: snacks and beverages.


I might sound like a hippie after this, but I love scented candles and playing some soft music whenever I need to find my muse. Apply your work station any item that  makes you feel  happy. The more comfortable you are, the more reachable your creativity will be.


  1. Don´t clone.


Let me elaborate on this, just like every person is unique in the world, so are your projects. Even when they look similar, they’ve got their own particularities, so  repeating a method doesn’t mean you’ll get the same result.


Conclusion: every time you receive a new assignment, start from scratch. Do your brainstorming, sketch something, connect ideas, shape the information and refine the final product. You cannot skip steps in creativity, methodology is well-received.


  1. Go to the unknown horizon.

Creative Block

Get out of your comfort zone. There are ideas hiding everywhere. Don't be afraid of trying something new, even if you’re not sure about it.


Creativity is about taking risks, making decisions. Just be sure to observe and measure your results afterwards.


None of competitors have tried gone to that side before? What’s the problem? Be the first.


  1. The non-format or unexpected is exciting and very welcome.

Creative Block

Ideas can come in any shape you can imagine. Don’t go blind, open your eyes, breath and get ready.


The simplest things are enough to inspire you.  This may sound easy, but you may need some training. What I mean is that you can get inspired by literally anything ( a song, a picture, a stranger, a puppy, a shape).


Just remember that a notepad and a pencil will be your weapons to fix everything.  


  1. Get out of your box. 

Look beyond your discipline, check out other styles and fields like photography, music, film, sketching, typography (I mean it when I say inspiration can come from anywhere).


Become a sponge! Alternative arts and cultures have a lot to offer, so, get involved! There’s always something new to learn, to see, so take your chances and have a good trip!


  1. Build-up your mind.

The training for inspiration never ends. Keep yourself busy, don’t stop creating, sketching, such warm-up is essential to keep your creativity active.


Don't pay attention if it does not makes sense at the beginning but speak your mind up and create and give shape to your words.


  1. Innovate.

Be different, get a totally different approach from the one followed by your competitors. Have this clear, you do need to know what they’re doing, but only with the aim of learning from them. Take their successes and analyze how they got such a positive impact or, on the contrary, study their failures and do not repeat them.


Pro tip: this is the best way to get rid of clichés.


  1. Never ever give up taking note. 

Even when you’re doing your daily tasks, you can’t foresee when inspiration will touch you. Writing down anything that catches your eye is the key!


  1. Care about yourself.

Feeling overwhelmed? turn everything off for a couple of hours at least. Being burned out will keep you stuck forever.


Spoil yourself, you deserve it! Drink some coffee, take a nap, go to gym, doe whatever you want and breath, life is beautiful!


  1. Try a new angle.

A different perspective, an alternate manner of approaching a project can be helpful and can lead to interesting results.


If you keep repeating the same over and over again you’ll sound BORING.  Try different routes on your journey, reinvent yourself!


Pro tip: check the web, see what is in the trending topics list, start from there to catch the attention. By experimenting different things you can measure your audience’s engagement level, pay attention to their reactions.


  1. Go to bed.

24 hours aren’t always enough. Don’t push yourself, even though there’s a deadline to respect, sometimes sleeping is what you need to ignite your creativity.


The is no further explanation for this, you need to rest, you are NOT a robot )If you are, please leave a comment below!).


  1. Switch your locations.

If possible try different environments to do your brainstorming. It could be while you are on the bus or sitting in a café. In that way ideas can flow, do a sketch and refine it at your office.


Finally, don’t quit before you start. Creativity requires a never-ending training. Don’t fear changes, see anything new as a prompt to create.



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