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7 unexpected benefits of b2b blogging

Blogging for business

Some people like to think blogging is dead. We can’t say the opposite for confessional blogging which seems to be causing more annoyance and cringes than anything else, but B2B blogging on the other hand, is incredibly beneficial to any business, especially b2b marketing agencies looking to make a name for themselves in the business. However not all bloggers are the same, so this is what you should know before you get started.


  • You need killer content. If you’re just doing it to get it out of the way, go take a cooking class instead.

  • Blogging alone will not save a sinking business.

  • There’s a science to it, so don’t just throw a few words together and hope for the best.


Now as for the benefits, this is what you need to know:


  1. Blogging ties in social media efforts

Companies that use social media well, might find that they’re missing something to finally tie it all in. You can have an amazing Twitter community that retweets and faves everything you do, and an active Facebook pagethat could keep you busy for months, but is that really resulting in new customers? Will new people be able to find you on google through industry related terms searches based on your social media efforts?


That’s without taking into account the average lifetime of social media posts, which is not long compared to blog posts (More on that in a minute).

Blogging for business

  1. The fellowship of the link

Out of all the benefits of blogging for business, this one is probably the best for B2B marketing agencies.


In the marketing world a link is basically a recommendation. If I believe in what you’re saying, I link you and therefore expose you to a whole new audience that might be interested in what you have to say. So you are effectively:

  • Being trusted by others within the industry

  • Being  seen as someone trustworthy by the general public

Blogging for business

That was a hyperlink right?


  1. Start actual relationships

Outbound marketing in general is like sticking through an awful date just because you are already there. On that note, traditional marketing efforts are like having an active dating profile but then never replying to any of the messages you get. Is not useless at all if your aim is to be seen and recognized. But if you’re looking to actually go on dates and build relationships you need to be a lot more involved and actually make an effort. That’s when inbound and specially B2B blogging comes in.

Blogging for business  

Let us have a Captain Obvious moment right here: When you’re creating useful valuable content on a consistent basis, you’re establishing yourself as a thought leader. When you are a thought leaders others are going to be naturally attracted to you and will want to hear your opinion on whatever happens in your industry. That means, they’ll be engaging directly with who you are and represent.


  1. You’ll learn how to be patient

Success from blogging is not something that comes immediately. Specially when you take into account all you have to do to produce a single blog post, i.e: researching, writing, looking for references, creating graphics, proofreading what you wrote, editing out any typos or unnecessary information, and then making it SEO ready.  You’ll have to work hard for a sustained period of time. Which means you’ll have to learn how to keep your cool, and not expect immediate results.

Blogging for business


  1. Tighten up your brand

When you do blogging the right way, you’ll need to unify your brand’s personality. This needs to be clearly defined so it doesn’t look like it’s completely separate from your communication within social media, your website, or your traditional marketing efforts. Blogging will force you to come up with an editorial voice once and for all.


  1. You’ll be educating

Whether you realize it or not, you need a smart audience. Educated customers can see a lack of value through flashy ads which means they’ll ditch the fakers and go to you. And what’s even better, once they come, they’ll know why you’re their best option.


  1. The gift that keeps on giving

Even if you’re somehow not convinced of the benefits of blogging for business, do this: Blog about a question you’ve heard your clients ask time and time again. Don’t even bother with search engine optimization, just write your heart out. Answer that timeless question as best as you can. Upload that single blog post and wait.


6 months from now you’ll see at least 3 people getting to your website through that blog post. Will they spend thousands of dollars on you based on that lone blog post? Probably not, because I’m pretty sure you’re not David Ogilvy.


Imagined if you had optimized that post so that it was looking all pretty for search engines, using the right keywords, adding some sexy alt texts to your beautifully designed images. We are getting an inbound boner just thinking about it. Had you done that, right now you’d be swimming in a sea of inbound leads.

Blogging for business

Listen, the point is that whatever you write on the internet stays there forever, so you might as well make it something useful so that it attracts people even long after you’ve forgotten what you wrote. If you write it, they will come.

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