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8 unexpected reasons why being an SEO content writer is awesome

SEO Writer

SEO writers… some people hate us, others need us, and everyone reads what we type specially when they think it’s Gwyneth Paltrow the one churning out the content. Have you been thinking about becoming one? Besides money, there’s lots of benefits of being an SEO writer like...

  • Thesaurus, sweet, sweet bae

SEO Writer

There’s an old Twitter joke that says something like “An SEO writer walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor…” because whether you planned for it or not, you’ll have an extensive vocabulary.


Thinking in terms of keywords becomes so natural you could practically put it as a second language on your resumé.


  • Your job is basically a really long crossword puzzle

Here’s the thing about advertising that usually frustrates the “Creative” types: It’s not about art, it’s not about the people, it’s not about good, it’s not about smart, it’s about sales.


That’s an undeniable truth whether you do outbound marketing, content marketing or inbound marketing. The ultimate goal is to sell a product, whether you do that by establishing a connection with the customer first, being annoyingly intrusive, or using sketchy tactics depends on personal preference, but selling is what keeps us going.

SEO Writer

It doesn’t have to be soul crushingly boring, though. Especially when you’re the content writer. One of the benefits of being a SEO Content writer is that you can turn it into a game. You’re constantly filling in a crossword puzzle. 2 across, 7 letters: “Client wants a word with more punch”. 4 vertical, 6 letters: “Designer needs a word with 2 fewer letters for the poster’s copy”.


  • You either organize yourself or fail miserably

SEO Writer

This one’s arguably one of the major benefits of becoming an SEO writer. While organization is a plus in creative or even scientific writing, here you either become organize or you’ll find yourself drowning in deadlines. Completely unable to finish even a simple 400 word article.


There’s a lot of elements to SEO writing. You need to follow and objective, keep buyers personas in mind while thinking of the buyers journey and also write in a way that doesn’t make you look like a soulless robot just typing out selected keywords. This is a skill that will save you time whether you do this for the rest of your life or not.


  • Enter a long term polyamorous relationship with marketing & sales

SEO writing shares a bed with marketing & sales. In fact, they’ve been together for years. Their families all know each other, they had a destination wedding and took a 6 month honeymoon cruise afterwards. They have a bunch of children together and  whenever they get a babysitter they go on date nights and have dirty group sex at BDSM dungeons all night.

SEO Writer

You can be the Shakespeare of listicles, but unless you take a cue from marketing and sales and include a CTA, short and long tail keywords and format correctly, your writing will be lost in the 11th page of Google (Formerly known as the 5th circle in Dante’s Inferno).


  • Most of the time, you’re a ninja

Chances are that when you’re starting out, very few of your writing will be to your name. Most of the time, you’ll be a ghostwriter. Basically, you are like an actor pretending to be an architect, or an engineer, or a hacker, or an artist, or a candlestick maker.  

SEO Writer

  • You can talk to literally anyone at a party

Work as an seo writer everyday for a year, and by the end of it you would have written articles (or eBooks, or infographics, or white papers) on marketing, rock climbing, digital advertising, social media, natural alternatives to skin care, peyote, weddings, indian food, japanese modular housing, hosting corporate events, common architectural mistakes, video editing, adobe suite tutorials, magic mushrooms, makeup tips, hair styling for sweet 16, vegan cooking, and maybe even managing tips and growth hacking. All of those are actual topics I’ve had to write about on commission since I started writing. Most of those things I only know on a really superficial level, but I can still make small talk about them.


That means I can have conversations with  anyone at any kind of party. From the shy kid obsessed with digital art and old school video games, to the histrionic PR manager fishing for compliments.


  • Your brain looks like a reddit thread

SEO Writer

Being a writer is 95% reading and 5% writing. Which means you’re constantly searching for topics, ideas, and styles. Most of your time is spent researching and doing what others have done. Taking in what’s been successful or failures. You need to have references, which means you’ll be constantly taking in lots of new information. So your brain’s full of memes, trends, videos, pictures, comments, etc.


  • Eternal “Who Am I?” Winner

SEO Writer

There’s not much of a science to “Who Am I” yet most people need 680 rounds to figure out their character. Except when they’re content writers. Maybe is all that constant thinking about buyers personas or reverse engineering of the competition’s content to stalk their keywords, but the fact is that we, content writers kick ass when playing “Who Am I” which is a fucking great bar skill to have.  


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