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9 Tips for Having a Rocking Fan Page on Facebook

Facebook Fanpage

 Having your own Fan Page represents a fundamental asset in your digital marketing strategy, however, not everybody who creates their own Fan Page actually knows how to use it right, it’s basically akin to when you buy a fondue maker and you use it to warm your noodles in it. Stop doing that! We’re here to help you with some tricks that you can apply in order to have a rocking Fan Page on Facebook for your business. 


But before we begin, we’ll answer something that you’re probably wondering: With all those new social networks out there… Isn’t Facebook like an old people's social network? Well it isn’t, and don’t call them “old people”, that’s ageist. 


Facebook Fanpage


So, now that you’ve learned how important is for your business to be present on Facebook, it’s time to share with you some tricks so you can have a rocking Fan Page that could stand out from the millions of daily interactions in The Social Network. Here they are:


Facebook Fanpage


  1. Create and share valuable content: You must put yourself in your audience’s shoes and try to understand how they think. This will help your content generate opinions and interactions. Remember: The goal is engagement. 

  2. Don’t be bashful, introduce yourself -your brand- properly on the About section: Provide as much information as possible about who you are as a company and what you do differently than your competition. Stand out.

  3. Step out of your wall: Join in different conversations that are taking place in other Fan Pages and groups. This will put you in your audience’s radar, as long as your comments are interesting enough.

  4. Milk the segmentation: What does that horrible sounding phrase means? You have to create exclusive content for every single segment of your audience. 

  5. Post on past dates: This is a little like cheating but don’t get all sentimental. The idea is to demonstrate that your Fan Page has been active for years, although it’s not entirely true. You can learn how to do it right here.

  6. Schedule future publications: Organization and consistency are two important things you have to follow in order to have a great digital marketing strategy. 

  7. Encourage interaction on your Fan Page: After you created your community, you have to take the next step. Interact with them. Asking, answering and talking to them is a great way to start conversations on your Fan Page. 

  8. Use cool images and media: They make your content more striking and understandable for different audiences. For example, cat viral videos are the funniest thing ever, whether you're chinese or american. 

  9. Learn how to use the Facebook tools: This social network is a vast audience database. Learn how to segmentate and understand the information in hand so you can create remarkable content. Here’s a pretty cool video tutorial so you can learn to analyze your Facebook statistics.


If that’s not enough for you, here are a few reasons why having a Facebook Fan Page is important to your business:

  • It makes your brand more popular.

  • It allows you to interact with your customers and potential customers.

  • It gives you accurate data insight about the demographics in your community.

  • It’s cost effective.

  • You can create an infinite fan database.

  • It gives you the exposure your business needs.


Facebook Fanpage

At the end of the day, what’s really going to set you apart from your competition, it’s your adaptability to change. New social media channels are being created from scratch everyday, and it’s your job as business owner or entrepreneur to be able to identify which of those channels are best suited for your digital marketing strategy. For instance, Instagram recently launched Instagram Stories -a blazing Snapchat rip-off, but we’ll get to that in another post-, and companies all around the world are updating their digital marketing strategies to fit into this new social network. They’re evolving, they’re adapting. Having said that, you just have to remember one thing: you don’t have to be everywhere, you just have to be where your audience is.  


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