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A sick website? Give it valuable content and improve your traffic (Clon)


When your website is not driving the kind of traffic you’d like to see, or generating the leads you’d hoped for, your first instinct...


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Blogging Best Practices 101: 10 New And Simple Ways To Make More People Read Your Content (Clon)

Creating content is one thing, not very difficult, but… attracting people to read it, enjoy it and even share it? Wow, now that’s the...

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Blogging Best Practices 101: 10 New And Simple Ways To Make More People Read Your Content

Creating content is one thing, not very difficult, but… attracting people to read it, enjoy it and even share it? Wow, now that’s the...



Blog roundup: From AI stealing your jobs to bad pop ups

With all of us living in our little bubbles it can be hard to cover every topic we’re interested in, or read every blog post from our...


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Blogging Best Practices: CTAs Truths and lies you need to know

As a journalist, I’m not stranger to writing, but when it comes to marketing strategies, I’ve felt totally lost in the woods, naked,...

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Avoid a massive guest blogging fail, learn from our mistakes



Weekly blog round up - Wanna have a perfect blog post?

Every day, as we work to create valuable content, we end up visiting an insane amount of blogs, now we’re making a weekly blog round up...


6 Key Elements of a Rocking Facebook Fan Page [UPDATED VERSION]

The digital era of marketing has opened a path into a more personal way to do business, Social Media Marketing, in which brands have...

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News Roundup - Movistar got a makeover

News roundup: Our chance to show you what we’ve found interesting this week:


Mobile App Development 101 - Beware of Malwares (Mostly on Android)

Most people might think that mobile app development is a non-profitable enterprise, the numbers say otherwise (and the old saying...

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Mobile App Development: Which Is The Right Type Of App For You?

If you want your app to succeed you have to know that the mobile application development landscape is filled with different ways to...


6 copywriting tips backed by science writers will love

Four years ago, CopyBlogger, put out a list of scientifically backed tips that our copywriters still revisit so often is hard to know...


Top Things We Can Learn From A City Tech

You probably know there are more than 7 billion living humans on Earth, but have you noticed that between the years 1900 and 2000 the...


12 steps to follow when you need help with app development

Let’s be honest, we all have thought about a new, revolutionary app  idea, or a better version of an existing app. We’ve suddenly woken...


6 Skills You Need To Be An Excellent Seo Expert By Miami Seo Experts

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The Reasons Why The Costs Of App Development Are Insane

Knowing the exact amount of money it would require to build an app is a little more complicated than it seems, It’s like asking what...

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What you need to know before doing SEO, Inbound Marketing and Content marketing

Ok so we are going to talk about three things you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about, inbound marketing, seo and content marketing. For...


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Changing how to use our smartphone's camera: mobile photography tips

Techniques to take the perfect picture have improved a lot since cameras were invented. All it takes is your smartphone camera and a...



Can a City Tech Subsist Without Internet?

Nowadays we use the Internet for everything, Mobile app development has created an app for each of our needs, if we want to go...

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How to design a logo and not die in the process

Gone are the days when you could have a small business without a logo, or a visual identity. In this day and age even the smallest...


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How to choose keywords when you're first starting out

So, understatement of the year: Google’s changing. That’s going to be true whether you read this in 2016 or 2816 once Google is the...


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Have an app idea? This is how you turn it into reality

Apps are everywhere. Almost everyone has one, and if they don’t, they’ve already got an app idea they’re working on. If this is you,...



Wanna blog? Check out these 6 blogging best practices

I can see blogging popped up on your mind, my mission is to be a light in the blogging journey you’re thinking of starting.


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Fail: How to know when your digital marketing agency is not for you

Normally, it isn’t easy determining if the digital marketing agency you chose is leading you to wonderland or a nightmarish result....



17 tips on blogging best practices to overcome your creative block

I wish we could have a creativity pill.  Every person has once struggled to get ideas (I can’t help thinking of Michael Jackson’s song:...


7 unexpected benefits of b2b blogging

Some people like to think blogging is dead. We can’t say the opposite for confessional blogging which seems to be causing more...


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Want a Lifesaver for your Product? Create a Buyer Persona


A buyer persona is actually a real thing (I swear it wasn’t created by a fake marketing guru). Think of someone like you, who is going...



17 amazing tools every content writer needs to know

Journal writers, professional bloggers, business owners who are just getting started in content marketing, or just long time content...



3 reasons why yoplait sucks: Anatomy of a marketing disaster

 It’s not often, that a brand does such an incredible marketing disaster that’s just flat out wrong from every possible angle you could...



3 porn inspired inbound marketing campaigns you need to see today

Wanna be a better marketer? Watch more porn. Two words for you: Sex sells! That’s undeniable, whether you morally agree with it or not....


8 unexpected reasons why being an SEO content writer is awesome

SEO writers… some people hate us, others need us, and everyone reads what we type specially when they think it’s Gwyneth Paltrow the...



Inbound Glossary: Buyer personas 101

Take 5 minutes to Google Inbound Marketing and you won’t have to read more than 5 words to come across “Buyer Personas”. If you’ve been...


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5 steps to overcome jerkness and become a better hater



Barb sucks. 4 smart marketing lessons in Stranger Things

By now, anyone reading this has seen Stranger Things and at least a handful of the million think pieces on how allegedly awesome Barb...


Terrible advices: How to fail spectacularly at Social Media Marketing


We live in a time when everyone is an expert, a coach or a guru. Everyone just spits out advices like a machine gun barrage, everyone...


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Away with the blandness: how to give your brand a killer voice

Let's start with the beginning. How to establish a killer voice for your brand when you don't even know what the hell is a brand's...



THIS HAPPENED! 7 Hilarious Community Manager Screw Ups


So you think you suck at social media posting? Come, read this and feel way better about yourself. The following are real life cases...


Heard about this? 09/26/2016 - 09/30/2016

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Is your Twitter bereft? 14 Twitter tips to build a top notch brand

It’s not a secret for anybody (at least anybody who doesn’t live under a rock. I mean, it’s already 2016!)  that Twitter is one of the...


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How to write 5 kinds of kick-ass, awesome, catchy headlines

Let’s get real: if you’re googling how to make a catchy headline, or creating an awesome headline, chances are you’ve heard a million...


Heard about this? 09/19/2016 - 09/23/2016.

After the kick ass brainstorming session you undoubtedly had after totally reading your blogs and before you go hunting down some fake...

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How to unmask the fake ass Marketing "Guru"


For every Nev Patel and Philip Kolter out there, there’s one sketchy dude standing next to a maserati claiming to be the ultimate...

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8 Steps For You to Conduct a Kick-Ass Brainstorming Session 



Solving problems and generating solutions it’s part of everybody’s life. We are constantly challenged with situations that can only...


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Heard about this? 09/05/2016 - 09/09/2016. OMG, Donald Trump!


We’d rather burn our own eyeballs before ever saying “Thank god it’s Friday” unironically, but honestly, we’re pretty damn glad it’s...

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A sick website? Give it valuable content and improve your traffic


When your website is not driving the kind of traffic you’d like to see, or generating the leads you’d hoped for, your first instinct...


9 Tips for Having a Rocking Fan Page on Facebook

 Having your own Fan Page represents a fundamental asset in your digital marketing strategy, however, not everybody who creates their...


Heard about this? News roundups 09/05/2016 - 09/09/2016


Welcome to our news round up. Been busy with work? Here’s all those little weird news you didn’t have time to checkout earlier this...

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Stop Annoying People. Start Sending Killer Newsletters [Step by Step]


Just as Isaac Moche of HubSpot said: “E-mail marketing ain’t dead. It's evolving”. E-mail is continuously one of the most used...


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The Millennial Whoop: Why you keep falling for those lame pop songs


Once people grow a little bit older, they like to complain that pop music today is trash and it sounds all the same. If they really...