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Terrible advices: How to fail spectacularly at Social Media Marketing


Social Media FailWe live in a time when everyone is an expert, a coach or a guru. Everyone just spits out advices like a machine gun barrage, everyone claims to know which are the best practices and methods in a specific business or subject.

But is that really so? It's very easy to lose oneself in the myriad of information out there, specially when that information can be faulty, sketchy, or just plain BS.


This is particularly true when talking about Social Media Marketing and every fake marketing guru out there.

So, which are some of the absolute worse Social Media Management practices out there? Let's start with…


1) Focus only on selling your product: Do you want to fail miserably at attracting new audiences? Because this is exactly the way to achieve that, pal. Don't try so hard to push your product up the nose of your followers, lest they become tired and stop paying attention to your content. Be mindful when balancing sales with interesting content. Not every post should look like an advertising. The possibilities are virtually infinite. Don't limit yourself to the selling part of your business.


2) Restrict yourself to just one Social Network: Wrong! Just wrong! By restricting yourself this way, you will miss out on many opportunities to make your brand grow. Get more exposure, expand to other audiences, but always keep in mind your target audience and your main marketing goals.


3) You need to maintain a presence in every Social Network out there: This is the opposite side of the coin of the previous item. Social Networks have determined profiles and demographics, and are very different one from another. Focus on what you expect to achieve with your brand and who compose your primary target audience. Do you advertise skateboards? Then your target audience should be primarily young people. You probably will be doing a lot better on Facebook and Instagram that you would on Linkedin, for example.

Social Media FailDo you even know how many of these are out there? It is Madness! Madness and folly!


4) Hide or delete all negative feedback: Look, you will mess things up at least once down the road. It is a fact, so you better deal with it. By pretending nothing happened and deleting every complaint or negative comment, you will only make things worse. A timely apology or solution can only work in your favor and increase the reputation of your brand and customer service. Keep an eye for these, because any unresolved issue can do nothing but harm. The web is full of cautionary tales of what happens when you ignore your customer base. Don't be a loser, yo.


6) Be too formal or too casual: When managing your Social Networks, you should always aim for balance. If you're advertising a brand of snacks, don't act all uptight and hoity-toity. Make light jokes, tell some anecdotes. On the other side, if you're managing a corporate account, you shouldn't be addressing your followers like you are drinking pals, for example. Be friendly, but don't neglect professionalism.


5) Automate your updates and publications: NO! Are you insane? The magic of Social Networks is that they allow to humanize your brand! To give a corporate name a friendly face. When you start treating your pages like extensions of a robot, you lose all the edge and advantage of Social Media Marketing. Start conversations, interact with the user, reply to messages, answer questions. Make questions. Encourage people to interact with you.


Social Media FailRemember: You’re not a robot. Make your brand as humane as possible!


7) Do without a Social Media expert: Look, it’s 2016, we all use Social Networks, and we all know how to use them fairly well, I get it. But the fact that you have a Facebook and Twitter account doesn’t mean that you know about Social Media Management. Let’s say your car broke, and, of course, you’re no mechanic. Do you go and try to fix it yourself or do you contact a professional in the matter? Or even better… Let’s say you’re sick. You don’t really know what has you down, but you don’t go and take just about any medicine your mind tells you that could help, right? You go and see a doctor. It’s exactly the same with Social Media. I’m in no way saying that you can’t manage your own networks, but there’s a reason this is an entire line of work. Leave the experts work their magic, and you’ll see the results.


8) Just go with the flow when publishing content: DON’T. Seriously, avoid doing this like the plague! Is borderline suicidal. Is like trying to swim the Panama Canal without training for it first: You will drown like a fool and hit rock bottom like the Titanic! Do you want to drown? I’m guessing you don’t. You need a marketing plan, a strategy, planned updates, to flesh out your marketing campaigns and goals. Don’t just go running around posting whatever you feel like posting. Be sensible about your brand and its content. Ask yourself “will this picture make the brand grow?” “will my followers appreciate this entry without feeling it has nothing to do with my product?” if the answer for both questions was “no”, then I think I don’t have to tell you NOT to post it.

 Social Media Fail

Why? Why do people do these horrible things!?


And these are just a few of the terrible Social Media practices and advices out there. Needless to say that you should avoid doing this stuff if you want your business to succeed and increase sales for your brand. Do you have any horrible examples of bad practices for Social Media Marketing? Share it with us! 

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