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Blog roundup: From AI stealing your jobs to bad pop ups

Blog-Roundup-02.jpgWith all of us living in our little bubbles it can be hard to cover every topic we’re interested in, or read every blog post from our favorite sites. Worry not, though, we’re inviting you to step outside your bubble and into ours to read the posts our staff found the most interesting these past few weeks. It's blog roundup time, guys!

  • Advice for content marketers is as common as fake news on your uncle’s Facebook, now, on the other hand, good advice for content marketers is as hard to find as Milo Yiannopoulos fan without internalized misogyny. That’s why we were so impressed by this article by Danielle Rhodes. Seriously, go read it. We promise is not a boring masturbatory, marketing rant. (Via Choose Impulse)

  • What happens when you rank number 1 for a keyword you shouldn’t? How do you determine you shouldn’t be number 1, anyway? Let’s talk semantic search, intent, and how these guys came clean. (Via Brafton)

  • Gibbons and Heughens might not sound like household names to you, but we guarantee you have seen their work. They’re the dynamic duo making the awesome promotional photographs for American Horror Story, and Atlanta. We’d list all their credits but it would take us years to finish and we have a deadline. Check out what their process is in this awesome interview. (Via Magenta)

  • It’s not #TBT, but it is flashback Friday and we’ve got a good one for you, advertising junkies, out there: Remember that time the pope trolled people on social media? (Via Branding News)

  • If someone went on and one about how they kept working their ass off even as they were in the middle of a heart attack just so they could get as much money as they could, would you praise their work ethic or think their job offers really crappy benefits and a mediocre pay cheque? If you’re Lyft you’ll try to pass it off as your workers showing hardcore commitment for your company, in our eyes this is just an easily avoidable PR disaster  (Via The New Yorker)

  • For years we’ve worried about AI taking our jobs, and now that robots are writing articles for big sites (Not this one, btw, we aren’t that big and I’m not a robot). While it might be foolish to dismiss the possibility that someday writers won’t be needed, right now we should be focusing on how to sharpen our skills and become even more persuasive with each word we write. (Via Tre Digital)

We love looking at things that were badly done so that we can learn how to make them the right way. And this article does just that by showing you the ugliest Pop Up in the world and showing you how to fix it step by step. Plus the writing is engaging AF. (Via Sumo)

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