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Changing how to use our smartphone's camera: mobile photography tips

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Techniques to take the perfect picture have improved a lot since cameras were invented. All it takes is your smartphone camera and a few editing apps, just in case you want to change any specific colors, add a little text or maybe just crop someone out.


Mobile photography allows us to leave behind the professional cameras, tripods and lenses. There’s a lot of photographers migrating to this simpler and weightless style of shooting.


The benefit of learning how to take the perfect picture with your smartphone does not requires you to be an expert. Now taking pictures has become an easy task and with these photography tips you could be even better than the others techies trying to master their mobile photography techniques.

So take note of this. Let me introduce you to our photography 101 guide;


  • Forget about expensive cameras you only need a smartphone and creative vision to achieve mobile photography goals. Also there is people making money without using a “real” camera, so don’t worry about spending more money than you can afford. (500px ISO)

  • Keep your lense clean, the key to achieving the perfect picture is to wipe clean the lens before shooting.

  • Have your camera app already set for any occasion, be prepared.

  • Light is your best buddy. Mobile photography is all about getting the correct lighting, and this photography tip will save any of your photos (even the badly composed ones)

  • The next advice is vital for a high quality picture, so take this very seriously: digital built in zoom is your worst enemy. DON’T use it. We are serious. Don’t use zoom. Another option? Move closer!

  • Focus on your subject. Think about the subject you want to capture. Just as you would when curating the content for your website. This will mean choosing to leave some things out of the frame. 

  • Play with the perspective, change your angles.

  • Last but not least don’t think twice, just take that shot whenever you want of whatever you wish.

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Here are some examples of how other photographers take their pictures, some advices for improvement and photography tips:



Thinking about Instagram filters? Don’t. Learn to edit your own photos with smartphone apps.


Now this is the final step to complete and excel your perfect picture, edit them. Take care about exposure, focusing and image enhancing with this all-purpose editors.


  • Snapseed

  • VSCO

  • Filterstorm Neue


These apps will take your photography 101 guide tips to another level. Just in case you did not accomplish the perfect picture you can change that in the post-production phase.


Trying out these apps in your mobile photography pictures helps to color correct, adjust and crop the photo. There’s no need to think about the Adobe Creative Suite.

Snapseed will be the perfect choice if you are new to this era of mobile photography just for this simple reasons:

  • Easy to use

  • Powerful correction tools

  • Wide selection of filters and effects

Discover how to use Snapseed’s tools.


VSCO is very popular right now because of the user-friendly editing tools they provide.

  • Offers one-tap presets for picture adjustments

  • Adjustable filters

  • Image adjustment tools

Learn how to use VSCO.


Filterstorm Neue offers more control to the user about adjusting color, exposure, lighting, etc.

  • Includes brightness and contrast control

  • Tool for removing objects

  • Watermarking, noise reduction and adjustable filters

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Finally if you want to upgrade the way you take pictures with your smartphone you can master this by adding new gears to your phone camera, because that’s another way to accomplish the perfect picture. Is just as simple as adding a removable wide or macro lense to your camera. Also if you decide to use a removable lense, such as a fisheye, there’s still the option to edit them in an app and get the perfect mix of  gadgets.


The perfect picture and how you take it depends on your choices and preferences as the amateur or professional photographer you could be. The last advice is that the technology will amaze us so be prepared for the rest of the changes that are coming.


Just how you use all these photography 101 tips it’s up to you, your smartphone camera and you creativity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie in this mobile photography movement or a veteran in the field. It’s really easy to join.


Jumping into this photography style means discovering the potential we’ve got on the palm of our hands, literally. It only takes a few minutes to adjust all the settings properly and start getting the photos we always wanted to share. And the best of this is that you have the power to create your perfect picture.

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