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Fail: How to know when your digital marketing agency is not for you

Wrong Marketing AgencyNormally, it isn’t easy determining if the digital marketing agency you chose is leading you to wonderland or a nightmarish result. Sometimes it can feel sort of like starting a new relationship, in the early days you won’t know whether you’ll last for more than 3 months or have a bunch of children 5 years from now. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say it’s a random factor either, there’re certain things to consider.

Deciding based on best prices and references isn’t all. Bear in mind that things don’t just happen, there are signs to pay attention to. Check them out:


  1. They are all about problems. 

First of, you’re paying to get solutions not to add issues to your business. Above all, your marketing agency has to understand you, your business, and what you are looking for. If instead they keep missing the mark, avoiding understanding your business, and ignoring your choices, I truly doubt they are a smart choice.


Dealing with something you don’t understand is complex already, so fixing something won’t be as easy as you may expect.


Before you start an inquisition asking questions about your area to your marketing agency, what you need to do is identify their intention in going deep in your field, learning and understanding where you want to go to.


  1. Cohesion - Coherence - Consistency is what they transmit.

Remember, you are paying to obtain results (unless you’ve got a lot of money and you don’t mind shedding out some bucks). Having said that, when you deal with people who know what they’re doing, they’ll show cohesion, coherence and consistency from the very beginning. In other words, some fake marketing gurus may sound wise when they seem to get your goals, but at the execution stage, they do something totally different.


Think of this: you need to understand what’s going on, so you can trust the process. They’re dealing with your business, so surprises need to be limited, you need to feel everything is under control.


Pro tip: get involved! just be careful, there’s a line between being interested, doing a follow-up and asphyxiating your marketers. Ask for explanations, share your worries to obtain responses. Communication is the key.


  1. They focus on a single manner of doing things, instead of evaluating different options.

Real marketers count on a broad set of tools. VERSATILITY is what you need. It’s true that we always prefer and stick to what we know best, but in marketing adaptability is a must and you need to look at the bigger picture to figure out the perfect solution.


  1. You don’t have clear what you’re paying for.

I have to admit that every marketing agency pursues a fair profit, nevertheless, make sure that by the end of the negotiation stage you have clear what you’ll be charged for. Unexpected charges aren’t transparent at all and should lead to some disbelief.


Pro tip: Before signing anything, discuss in detail what is covered in the agreement and what would be taken as an additional.


  1. They made the moon famous, they say.

Marketers aren’t God (sorry, it’s the truth). Expertise and guidance is what you expect from a marketing agency, nevertheless it isn’t nice when they want to take you for a fool. If they offer the world, it means they don’t know s*** at all. (Making miracles happens isn’t a marketers thing).


What’s important is you to focus on a marketing agency that actually understands your needs, so they work with you the whole way through. The proposals given by the agency have to be real, reachable, progressive.


So, let’s say that after reading the points above you’ve found out you screwed it up and that your marketing agency isn't what you expected.


How can you cope with a bad experience?

Wrong Marketing Agency

Bro, there are tons of people out there who had a bad experience with a marketing agency, but what you CANNOT do is giving up and try not to work with another one never ever, read the following tips to choose an agency you can trust instead:

  • Speak up

By saying this, what you’ve to do is to is to open up and tell the new agency what happened, so they can plan their strategy and avoid the same issues. Go deeper this time, give them scenarios and ask them for possible solutions.


You don’t need to become a stalker, but try to determine how they deal with their other customers’ problems.


  • Little by little

Go small at first to see how it goes. In this way you will know how the new marketing agency works. Do they care? are they efficient? Do they pay attention to deadlines?


The first impression will be tested with this real life practice, you will identify if working together can really happen (marketers in general do magic with words, we know how to sell, but at the first glance, no one is sure if the work will flow).


Pro tip: do your homework! research the agency , go step by step, remember that trust grows progressively.

Wrong Marketing Agency

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