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Have an app idea? This is how you turn it into reality

App idea

Apps are everywhere. Almost everyone has one, and if they don’t, they’ve already got an app idea they’re working on. If this is you, then you’re likely thinking how to develop an app, and how to get started, well you’re in luck...


Research everything

So you have a great app idea, the first thing you need to do (even before you check whether it’s feasible or not) is to check whether someone else has done it before you, and the market place you’re trying to enter.


Think about it, there’s a million of mobile app developers out there the chances of you being the first one to come up with this idea, are slim. That’s not the end of the world, though. Whatever others are doing can inspire you in your own journey or at least give you some ideas as to how to make your app better.


The point is to see if you’re going to make an exact copy of something that already exists, figure out your buyer personas and then figure out if your idea would actually solve a problem for an specific audience (hint: that’s exactly what you want it to do). Finally, you need to know if your buyers personas can make your app profitable. After all, you don’t want to go into app development with a great product and then find out that your target audience it’s actually not going to buy it.


Think of: Objectives + Features + Complexity + Time.

The next thing you have to do is figure out your objectives. If you’ve been building from your buyer personas, this should be easy. Your objective is to solve a specific need they have through a series of steps and in a timely manner. Trust us, you’ll need to be fast.


One you know that, you need to think of the characteristics it needs to efficiently solve that problem. These will be the features. The more it needs, the more complex of an app you have which is the final thing you need to consider in order to...


Decision time: Who’s going to be making it?

App idea

This is one of the most common questions when you come up with a great app idea and start going into app development: should you hire a freelance? A specialized agency? Or maybe take the time to learn to develop it yourself?


We’re not going to pretend we can give you an easy and perfect answer without correctly assessing your individual situation. But here’s what you should know about your options:


  • Freelance Developer

There’s no shortage of specialized developers ready to take on projects. Plus this implies reduced costs in recruitment and maintenance for a company. The downside comes when you’re not armed with all the knowledge you need to handle a freelance developer. Of course not every freelance developer out there looking for a job online is going to be a scammer but if you have no idea what you’re looking for how will you know the fakers from the real ones?


That’s not by any means the worst problem to have, you could consult a specialist or research until you feel you know enough to start recruiting. But remember, timing is key when it comes to app development.


  • Offshore agency

This option will require a big investment, but you’ll be gaining a team of experts. Security wise you’ll be working with people who know what they’re doing and can work hard towards keeping information uncompromised. Since you’re hiring an entire agency you’re also getting accountability and a clear action plan that’s backed up by an entire corporation.


What’s even better, you’ll be able to assess your expectations. Are you thinking of a bigger idea than you thought? Or maybe, the other way around… can your idea be turned into something even bigger? An agency can let you know, and give you the reality check you need.  


  • App maker

There are app developing software out there to help those who don’t know how to code but have an app idea and are ready to get it running. The problem with this? Well, you’ll be left with a pretty simple and basic product that is guaranteed not to make an impact. And if an app falls in the app store and there’s no one around to download it, does it still make you some money?


The more complex your app is, the less likely it will be an app maker can cover all your needs. Specially if you’re considering handling sensitive information. Something our developers are always talking about is how to make everything we do as secure as possible. Security is the number 1 concern when you’re developing a new app. An app maker won’t help you make it better.


  • Yourself

Here’s the deal: whether you already know how to code or you are going to start teaching yourself just for this very specific project, you’ll be wasting a lot of time, and potentially, money. The thing is, if you are already a developer working on your idea on the side, unless you’re making something that will realistically kick Facebook’s ass, you won’t make as much money as you would keeping your day job. Specially because an app should be just the beginning, you need a whole brand backing off your product.

App idea

If you’re going to learn to code just to do this. Then more power to you, man. But, again, you’re losing precious precious time, and that’s time you don’t have. Not to bring some paranoia into this anxiety brew but, while you’re learning the basics of coding, someone half around the world just thought of the same idea and is partnering up with a seasoned developer and they’ve already done 60% of the world.

How likely is that to happen? If you believe in Jung chances are it’s already happened.


Keep in mind:

  • Costs

You will get what you pay for. Making an app is not as easy as coming up with an idea and contacting the first developer you find. You will need to invest in it, so be smart with your money.


  • Account for the future

You know you have a good app idea because you can picture it growing bigger and bigger. So when you’re in the planning process and figuring out who should code the app, think which option will let you update your app as your business grows and include all those things you might need one day.

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