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Heard about this? 09/05/2016 - 09/09/2016. OMG, Donald Trump!



We’d rather burn our own eyeballs before ever saying “Thank god it’s Friday” unironically, but honestly, we’re pretty damn glad it’s Friday.  It's the perfect day to stop worrying about giving you tips for creating valuable content marketing to increase your traffic, and rocking facebook fan page. Let's give inbound marketing a rest, put your bae on hold, go hide on a bathroom stall, light up and read on:

  • Breakfast food is not just for your hangover, now you can wear it too. Thank Glob for sweater season.

  • There’s new emojis in iOS10. You can now send men dressed as bunnies, rainbow flags, gendered pouty faces, and all the women bikers you’d ever need. Check out the complete guide from Mashable.

  • So you wake up one day, stare out the window and see your beautiful russian countryside view. The warm sunlight shining on the multicolored foliage, and the river tainted with the blood of a million baby ostriches and all your failed enemies. Ok, no. But there’s a river in Russia that turned mysteriously red and the government wants you to think it’s normal.
  • As a copywriter I’m going to do my best to explain what got our programmers all fuzzy and warm inside about this news: Google uses a shit load of code lines (Like even more than a F35 Fighter Jet), and that’s totally amazing.

  • As a copywriter I’m going to do my best to not write an entire article explaining why this news that got me all fuzzy and warm inside is incredibly awesome linguistics wise: A study has found a correlation between the sounds of words in different languages. “For example, in most languages, the word for “nose” is likely to include the sounds “neh” or the “oo” sound, as in “ooze.”

  • When writing content, do you focus on your target audience or make broad content? I won’t give you any spoilers, head over to Moz to see what he’s got to say.

  • Have you ever tried to explain something out loud to your coworkers only to be ignored? No? You probably have a penis. Here’s the beautifully simple solution people with vaginas over at the White House have to get heard.

  • While some totally not homophobic people in Mexico decided they had to march to yell out they totally tolerant beliefs that LGBT people should not marry, a 12 year old decided to take a stand against them and automatically become smarter and have a more common sense than all of them combined.

  • So Donald Trump went to Jimmy Fallon's show last night.  Can you believe it isn't a weave?


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