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Heard about this? 09/26/2016 - 09/30/2016

NEWS-POST.jpgHeard about this? Between learning how to write catchy headlines, working on yourTwitter tips and strategy and finally recovering from the Brangelina break up, no one can say this was a slow news week. Check out what we’ve been raving about. This what happened this week in news while you were discussing the presidential debate:

  • #VoteHoney has the stars from Will & Grace reuniting in a pro Hillary 10 minute clip. While Karen’s cleavage contouring is on point and Grace’s insufferability is so vintage it finally comes off as endearing, The Guardian makes a really good point: Who are they trying to convince. At the risk of pigeonholing Will & Grace fans, it doesn’t seem likely most them were going to vote for Trump anyway.



  • Martin Shkreli, also known as Pharma Bro, continued his transformation into the world’s first official supervillain this week. He’s currently still holding an auction to have somebody punch him in the face.


  • So the war on drugs has largely been a big failure and finally, anti drug programs caught up. They’ve stopped asking kids to “just say no”, figured out addiction is not instant and doesn’t happen in every case of drug use. 4 specific traits leading to addiction have been identified and targeted in new campaigns.


  • The stupidity paradox: companies higher the smartest candidates and then leave them to rot with mindless tasks. In other words: every manager is like your aunt on Facebook posting inspirational but meaningless quotes just to look smart without actually putting in any kind of effort.


  • You know what Bill Clinton’s infamous blow job is going to come up (No pun intended) sometime soon. An advice columnist has ventured a guess as to what Hillary’s answer should be (Worth a read if only for the comments alone). IMHO her major point should be regarding how misogynistic and irrelevant bringing up the affair is.


  • Is Google a search engine? Would that make Facebook a social media platform? Or are all these labels simply not enough anymore to emphasize the huge impact they have on our lives?


  • Polemic Making a Murderer star Steven Avery’s engaged. Again. As in for the second time this year. Have fun aimlessly swiping left and right on your lonely Friday night.



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