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Inbound Glossary: Buyer personas 101

Buyer Persona

Take 5 minutes to Google Inbound Marketing and you won’t have to read more than 5 words to come across “Buyer Personas”. If you’ve been at the whole marketing thing for a while, you might be tempted to dismiss it as just another buzzword created by a fake marketing guru. But hold your horses, dude, it’s actually a real thing.

 So you can have an idea of who we are:  an inbound Miami marketing agency and we would absolutely love if everyone knew exactly what buyers personas mean, so that our clients get on the same page we're currently at. Check this out: 

Buyer personas meaning: What is a buyer persona?

In a nutshell: Fictional representations of your ideal customers. They usually contain a short succinct story with useful details from their lives that will guide your marketing efforts. Giving a face, name and story to your ideal target market ensures that you have a better understanding of them. And that’s the kind of knowledge that you want driving your content creation, marketing and advertising campaings,  developing plans, and even your social media strategy.

Buyer Persona

It’s easier for your employees to remember Marketing Mary the 35 year old marketing entrepreneur, than a nondescript 30-40 year old, skewing female, target. Conversations flow easier when talking about Marketing Mary, Finance Finn, or Agency Anny* rather than a battery of random characteristics.


*Lit major tip: An alliteration is (According to Wikipedia): a literary device that uses the repeated sound of the first letter in a series of multiple words or the repetition of the same letter sounds in stressed syllables of a phrase. You see it in superhero comics all the time, like Peter Parker, Jessica Jones, Lex Luthor, Silver Surfer, etc. That’s not a coincidence, alliteration makes it easier for you to remember words, so don’t be afraid to use them when creating your buyers personas.


Why are buyer personas important?

Buyers personas are basically your sale’s GPS -Or your drug store bought map for those of you born before the 1980’s. Let’s keep the analogy going: You’ve developed this awesome car (Aka. your brand). It has a great, solid design. Its functioning it’s out of this world, it has the sexiest personality ever and has an easy bake oven that makes personal pizzas when you hit a traffic jam. So you have an absolute winner… IF you actually sell it to the right people. So creating buyer persona is like adding a compass to your plan. 

Buyer Persona

What exactly does that mean? Your PizzaWheels 4x4 won’t be such a success if you drive it to a EnviroVegans Convention and try to sell it there. Because vegans and environmentalists are exactly the kind of people who will not be interested in any of the features you’re advertising. In fact, those things that make PizzaWheels so appealing to you are exactly what makes it so unappealing to them. To them, is like seeing Emma Watson all covered in Donald Trump’s words.


Why create buyer personas?

What you should do instead is think of the actual people that will be interested in acquiring your product, which will mean going to pretty different directions. So instead of EnviroVegans Con, you’ll be going to Pizza Con or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Appreciation Festival or both of those places plus you’ll work on a partnership with Pizza Hut so that you also advertise on their restaurants.


Ideally you shouldn’t have even built the PizzaWheels 4x4 without thinking of your buyers personas first. You should have first figured out your perfect target, their needs, and then designed a product -or service- that could solve at least one of those needs.  

Buyer Persona


When you start building from your buyer personas and their needs, you make your job a thousand times easier because you won’t be trying to shoehorn your product into the cold hearts of your over stimulated audiences. You’ll be actually contributing to their lives.


But ok, let’s be realistic, most of the time we’re not starting in that ideal scenario in which we haven’t develop the product. Most of the time, the reality is we developed a product and now while designing the marketing campaign we are stuck figuring out which direction to go. And trust me, you don’t want to take another step without figuring out your buyer’s persona lest you want your PizzaWheels to be completely destroyed by an angry mob full of vegans and environmentalists.


Buyer Persona


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