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Is your Twitter bereft? 14 Twitter tips to build a top notch brand

Twitter tips

It’s not a secret for anybody (at least anybody who doesn’t live under a rock. I mean, it’s already 2016!)  that Twitter is one of the Social Networks with most active users ever. So it should be obvious that this is actually a great opportunity to make people aware of your product, while building a brand identity and user database.

But how! oh how can I make this sorcery happen? If you follow this foolproof Twitter tips, you should be rocking marketing biz in no time:

1. Customize your Twitter account: The first thing you should do when creating a Twitter account is setting an avatar and header picture that identify your brand and let people know who you are.

This is a must. Let’s say that you don’t. Well, you’re nothing. You’re a blank page. Your avatar and header are your presentation cards; it's like presenting yourself at a job interview with your face covered in paint and speaking only in sign language. Get my drift? Use your logo for the avatar, and do not hesitate to go that extra mile while placing a header to match. Give your profile some color!


2. Take advantage of current events and trends: Depending on the kind of product or service your brand provides, there are many options that you could make use of regarding current events or trends. People are talking about a movie, an international event, or a fad? Take a slice of that cake! Relate the content of your tweets with these events and take advantage of the hype!


3. Interact with the user: Come on, this one should be obvious, mate! Answer the questions, reply to Direct Messages, make actual conversations with your user base, and they will feel as part of your brand. This one also comes in close with the previous item: discuss current events with users, ask questions, make your brand come alive!

Twitter tips

Get your typing skills on point. You will be doing a lot of it when interacting


4. Don’t hesitate to use the resources provided by Twitter: Twitter allows you to post pictures, in addition to short videos and gifs. Make use of that magic to spice up your content marketing services and harness all the attention and awareness you want for your brand to grow.


5. Advertise your other networks: Don’t kid yourself, buddy: You’re here to self-promote and that is exactly what you’re going to do if you want to be successful in this line of work. It’s the jungle out there, so make people know you. I can’t stress that enough. Do you have an Instagram account? Link your tweets to it! Are you on Facebook too? Give’em a piece of that tasty Facebook content!


6. #Dont #Be #Annoying #With #The #Hashtags: Look at that title… Don’t you just hate it? So do your followers. One or two hashtags are more than enough. Don’t be the annoying person that posts a picture with 800 hashtags. You’re not positioning yourself; you’re acting like an amateur.

Twitter tips

Yes, this is exactly how you look when overusing your hashtags


7. Plan your content ahead of time: You can establish and set regular content like this. Is your brand about musical instruments? Then establish a day of the week when you tweet about luthiers, for example. Plan your content marketing services accordingly with enough time. Don’t just wait until you’re sitting with your Twitter account session open to start thinking about tweets. You are better than that and you friggin’ know it.


8. Your bio is important: Don’t neglect it. Here you can describe what are you on about, which services or products do you offer and link to your website. Be concise and precise about that info.


9. Correct spelling and grammar: C’mon, do I really have to describe the importance of this item? If you said “yes”, get out of here. You don’t belong in this business, pal.


10. Be active on a regular basis: This one should be self-evident too. If you only tweet once or twice every month, you’re not going very far in terms of growth.


11. Make every word count: Shakespeare once said: "Brevity is the soul of wit"   (and who are we to argue against The Bard?) You only have 140 characters. Make them count. Phrase your tweets in such a way that you say what needs to be said. Nothing more and nothing less.

Twitter tips

The real O.G., baby


12. Shorten your links: Closely related to the previous item. Self-evident, too. Long links look awful and they are completely unnecessary. 


13. Be mindful of who you follow: If you advertise wheelchairs, you don’t want your audience to be composed of Olympic runners, do you? Exactly. Make your user base grow based on your brand!


14. Don’t just “Like” a tweet: Retweet, reply, quote. You have so many options. And each and every one just contributes to build your brand and cement your presence on the web.

See?  Building a brand goes beyond setting a name. Not too difficult, right? If you follow these simple guidelines of Social Media Management for beginners, you will be making it big on the game in no time. Is really just about common sense, a little practice and trial-and-error methods. And mind you, we know what we’re talking about, so heed to our advice.

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