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News Roundup - Movistar got a makeover


News roundup: Our chance to show you what we’ve found interesting this week:


  • Movistar changed its logo, and while it’s not exactly the most visually attractive change, it’s miles ahead from the old one. (Via UnderConsideration)


  • We’ve all been guilty of neglecting this at one time or another: your e commerce store needs to look as appealing and enticing as a physical brick and mortar store. Check out what you can do. (Via Quill Content)


  • Net-A-Porter decided to celebrate Women’s with a PR disaster: They mistakenly uploaded a picture with editing notes asking their designer to slim the model. (Via The Drum)


  • When it comes to impending doom, Kate Darling,a research specialist at MIT, is more worried about the humans behind the robots, rather than the robots themselves, and maybe so should you.  (Via Magenta)


  • Need to know the average cost of an influencer post on Instagram? How many followers does the average influencer have? How about engagement rates? Everything you’ve ever wondered, these guys found the answers. (Via Influence)


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