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Stop Annoying People. Start Sending Killer Newsletters [Step by Step]



Just as Isaac Moche of HubSpot said: “E-mail marketing ain’t dead. It's evolving”. E-mail is continuously one of the most used platforms. There are more than 4.3 billion email accounts today, sending an average of 196 billion emails everyday, and if that’s not enough, recent studies have proven that 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day. E-mail marketing is a free channel that you can use to build a strong, personal and trustworthy relationship with your clients. So, get a move on, and start developing a successful email marketing strategy for you business.


What is "the right way"? 

In 3 basic steps: 

  • Send the right email to the right person. You don’t want to send a Pottery Barn discount offer to a 18 year old gaming freak. Perhaps his mother, aunt or grandmother will be happier with that offer.
  • Mailing your contacts it's all about timing. As a lot of things in life, if the recipient isn’t looking to receive something, he’s simply not going to like it. It’s like when you buy your girlfriend a wedding ring after two months of dating. MAYDAY! That plane is definitely going to crash… at the pacific ocean… with no life vests.
  • Use the right content. Depending on your customer, your content offer may vary on its format. And also, be sure to know exactly the place of your contact in the Buyer's Journey. This will make your content offer more attractive to your customer. Like the O'Jays use to say: “Give the people what they want” ← (If you're in the mood for some funk).

The idea of using email marketing to generate income it's attached to your need as a business owner to generate content in order to constantly nurture your clients on their needs, doubts and interests. And a great way to do that its: 



Heard of them? Have you ever been subscribed to one? Or worse... Do you constantly receive mails from a company you know nothing about?

Quick definition: Newsletters are informative-driven digital publications, designed to work as a periodic delivery of information to their subscribers. They often contain brand news, and articles of interest for the recipients.

Newsletters are NOT SPAM!

And why is this? If you receive a newsletter, it means that at some point you subscribed for that service and you have the power to unsubscribe whenever you want.

Having said that, there are a lot of bad practices on this matter. If you're a customer, you shouldn't settle for a mediocre newsletter, and if you’re a business owner you should learn how to create a killer Newsletter.

Don’t know how to do it? Got you covered! 




After you decided that a newsletter it's a good way to boost your digital strategy, you can follow this 5 simple steps:

  •  Use CTA’s to promote other offers. Repeat after me: Take your customer further into the Buyers Journey. You want them to enjoy your newsletter, just enough so they feel the need to visit your website for more information. It’s pretty obvious, you’ll gain more traffic.
  • Figure out what kind of content would you like/need to send. A common recommendation is to build a newsletter that’s 90% educational and 10% promotional. Remember, the idea is to nurture your customers, not annoy them.
  • Keep the design and copy at a minimum. A cluttered newsletter can drive away the attention of the recipient, it makes it visually heavy. You can avoid this issue using enough white spaces in the design, giving the eye a break. The same with the content, less is more. The idea is to delight your customer and take them further into the Buyer's Journey (website, blog, landing pages, etc.).
  • Write creative Subject Lines. Go crazy with this one… well, not Heath Ledger’s Joker crazy… Just a bit crazy. You need to engage with your recipient at his inbox. A lazy subject line can make your customer go right past you and ignore your newsletter. A powerful subject line it's gonna make him want to read every single line in your email. Remember it’s not psychopath crazy, it’s crazy enough.
  •  Learn when to say goodbye. Make it easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe from your newsletter. It’s    a horrible feeling to be trapped in a place with no escape. Spare your customers that awful situation.

Still in doubt? Why use Newsletters?

  • You’re sharing content with a person that agreed to receive content from you.
  • Although it’s not a direct sales tool, you can use it to influence your subscribers to take a decision.
  • Doesn’t take a big economic investment.  
  • Keeps your subscribers informed about your company’s news and promotions.
  • It can become a very big traffic source for your website or blog.
  • It’s ideal to create a long lasting trust relationship with your customers.  


You’re all set. You have been stacked with the right weapons to become a killer newsletter-maker. You now have a digital license to kill… yes, like James Bond.



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