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Wanna blog? Check out these 6 blogging best practices

blogging best practices

I can see blogging popped up on your mind, my mission is to be a light in the blogging journey you’re thinking of starting.


Before you get there: Take it easy! Don’t forget about foreplay. Internet has room for everyone and you can be a blogger even if you aren’t a  web developer or a writer. So, keep on reading.


First of, it’s important to understand that every blog is different and has its own objectives. Some are written by individuals and others by companies. The key for success is that every content writer should be creative and clever when talking to the audience.


What type of blogs can you find?

Personal: similar to a personal journal or a diary. Share your life experiences. Kind of like every “travelling blog” out there with a white chick discovering herself in a Eat, Pray Love kind of way.


Interests: share what calls your attention, passions or hobbies as well. The content goes around a personal or professional theme, in other words, you are free to either talk on your blog about puppies, flowers or even technology. Just pick a field and start creating content.


Corporate: it stands as a communication channel between your company and your customers or stakeholders.  In general, you can add this sort of blogs to the main website and the content focuses on sharing news about future products, offers, efforts.


Professional: some people earn their paycheck by writing blogs, ads and affiliate sales can be part of your incomes.

blogging best practices

Community: the content covers the news of a determined neighborhood, it presents claims, solutions, proposals and each neighbor can speak up.


Interested in becoming a blogger? 

Good blogging implies a bunch of work! It is about a whole content writing process.  Bear in mind as well  that it can imply a team (marketing and  sales are just a tiny  part of it). Blogging stands as one of the most effective ways to present what your company does and cares about.


But what’s the point of blogging anyway?

If you prefer something more personal, a blog is the best option to speak up your thoughts. Now, a corporate blog lets you getting closer to your customers, delight them by providing valuable content they’ll learn from and give them the chance to contact you.


Professionally speaking I will give you THE key: great, unbelievably awesome content is an asset. Be smart and establish an extension of your website and take care of it.


  1. Awesome content? What to write about? This is the hardest part. Stay creative and try to stay on your customers’ track. Think like them, show them what they expect, need or give them a life-changing tip. You can even amuse them.


Pro Tip: Dude, there are writing tools that will help you out with the editing, don’t get hung up on it. Just focus on dazzling.


  1. How can you think for others? Well, your site’s analytics can ease this task. Sources like Adwords or Hubspot give you access to the keyword data.

blogging best practices

Watching what your competitors do is also important, check their sites, social media and every feedback channel they have (e.g. social media). Stalk them like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll also need to talk to your colleagues and actual customers, so you can get ideas on where to start. Don’t forget taking notes about everything that comes to your mind, so you can sit afterwards and organize your thoughts.


  1. Behold king time! Timing matters! Information is all around social media. Now, the time that suits you isn’t necessarily the same used by other companies (Pay attention to your audience’s habits). They will read you when they’re available and that’s what you’re looking for. Posting at a different time can make your post disappear


Pro tip: Guys, a normal person isn’t scrolling down forever Twitter’s TL just to look for what you’ve said.


  1. Tune up your words! Think of your style, the manner in which you want to approach your customers, develop a brand for your company. Once you do this, you’ll be able to create effective content, you’ll know how to talk about a particular topic or situation.


Pro Tip: Once you define your voice, stick to it! You don’t want your brand to sound like Madonna’s accent.


At this stage, you have to develope your buyer persona’s profile. Lost? No worries, you can check out: want a lifesaver for your product? Create a buyer persona.


Just keep in mind that your buyer persona is the the one you want to talk to.


So goes with blogging, the more present you get, the more customers will look at you


  1. Be active! If you won’t be persistent, don’t even start. Trust me, visiting your blog and realizing your last update took place a year ago is depressing. If you don’t take care of your image, what could someone expect about what you offer?


I’m not saying you have to do it everyday or every week, but you can’t be lazy about this.


  1. Engagement is that stage where magic happens. What does it mean? interaction. Customers start to leave comments and so you witness the birth of your community.

I N T E R A C T. Reply to the comments your visitors leave so they can know you care. Just determine how’re you going to moderate what they say  (you can review the comments before publishing them, so you can dismiss any spam or try a log-on profile).


I know, it sounds like a lot of time, but it’s worth every second.blogging best practices

What would I do If I were you? I’d get started. Blogging awaits! 

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