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Want a Lifesaver for your Product? Create a Buyer Persona


buyer Persona

A buyer persona is actually a real thing (I swear it wasn’t created by a fake marketing guru). Think of someone like you, who is going to be determinant for your brand. The concept stands for  a tangible representation you should be focused on at the creation stage of every marketing activity.


Buyer personas are fictional representations of your idead customers. Have clear that they typically contain a short story that has details about their lives). Remember this: the more you know your audience, the more effective your campaign will be (Conceive them as your sales’ GPS).


For exaple, we are a miami marketing company, our ideal buyers persona wouldn't be another marketing agency in China. But we wouldn't know that for certain unless we researched, because... 


Attention: It isn’t about making them up! Spontaneity is not an option! In fact, this matter requires a thorough research. Here goes the explanation: your goal is to understand who your actual customers are and what they are interested in. The more you focus on them, the more effective the communication will be.


R E S E A R C H is a challenge that might be demanding but not impossible, organization and teamwork are your best allies in this task. Hence you should take your time to chat with the following groups:


  • Sales: the members of this team won’t only  tell you who buys your product or service, they are aware of any objections and what your customers prefer. They have a clear understanding of who the primary buyer is and who the influencers are.

  • Customers: the current ones are valuable assets. They can tell you about their motivations to buy whatever you offer, they can explain what they love or hate about your brand and what they expect. They have interesting things to share; so enjoy, listen carefully and take notes. Once you’re done you’ll be able to understand where your strong and weak points are.  Experience can be the best master.  

  • Prospects: this group pertains to those who feel attracted to eventually buy your products and services. They are determinant as well, and you totally have to listen to them. Just be careful and try not to look like a stalker by contacting them directly (that’s aggressive, they haven’t even chosen your brand yet, so they might run away). Be clever and smooth, use instead the data available on your marketing platform to define who they are and their status.


Profiling your buyer personas, the fact of giving them a name, a background and even a face will make you meet their needs even better. every marketing activity will have sense. Here you have a blueprint to hept getting you started.


Basic Buyer Persona Template

buyer Persona

Most of the templates in use contain the same information, basically, they identify the person, the status and the best manner to approach them. Look at the following scheme:


Name of your persona

Job title

  • Basic  details about the size, type, number of employees of the company.
  • Details on the position. 



  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Salary.
  • Location.
  • Education.
  • Family.


Goals and challenges

  • Primary goal.
  • Secondary goal.
  • Steps to achieves your goals.
  • Primary challenge.
  • Secondary challenge.
  • A way to deal with them and find a solution.

Values / fears

  • Primary values. 
  • Objections commonly found throughout the sales process. 


Bear in mind that your research can go beyond the basics, specific information can be an added value for your business (depending on what your company does, you’ll need further details on your personas’ preferences). With that being said, explore a little more and try to learn about your personas’ hobbies, the sort of sites they enjoy to visit and the means they use to be informed.


The idea is for you to end up viewing your products or services from their perspective (only by understanding your customers, you’ll be able to sell, sell and yes, sell).


There you go, you already know what you need to find in general, now where the heck do you get it?


Don’t panic you have different options  that go from statistics to actual conversations with real-life customers. Give a look to the following list:


  1. Check your site analytics, so you can know where your visitors came from, the keywords they use and the time they spent on your site.

  2. Get the team together in in this creative task. By team I mean anyone who interacts with customers and their data )every department can provide a different perspective).

  3. Check your social media to find prospects, pay attention to those users asking questions, leaving comments or sharing their issues on any network.

  4. Ask your audience. Surveys and interviews are determinant in building a buyer persona. Questions can go deep into their goals, values and complaints. Moreover, with customer surveys you can get all the details you need to complete your demographics field and to find out the job title.


At the end of the process, I’ll guarantee that instead of a sketch, you will have a real portrait. The advantage? Buyer personas will help you zoom in on your audience and bring solutions to their problems, in other words, it’s a win-win.

buyer Persona

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