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Weekly blog round up - Wanna have a perfect blog post?


Every day, as we work to create valuable content, we end up visiting an insane amount of blogs, now we’re making a weekly blog round up just for you:

  • If your target is 16 and under or other marketers, you need to get your video content strategy on fleek like yesterday. Start by learning how to create professional looking video ads even if you have no know how. (Via Small Biz Trends)

  • Content marketing is here to stay. Go ahead and get your ducks in a row with this amazing blog post outlining what it takes to succeed. (Via Snap Wryt)

  • “We use the phrase “suspension of disbelief” about the experience of watching TV or movies. This implies that our default state watching TV and movies is disbelief. We start to believe only when we become sufficiently immersed. With VR, the situation is reversed: we believe, by default, that what we see is real.” (Via C Dixon)

  • Ever wondered what the perfect blog post looks like? These guys are ready to show you what it looks like for them. (Via Social Triggers)

  • Should advertising be held responsible for the stereotypes it pushes on the general public? Yes, it should. And it should star representing a much more diverse society. ( Via Cmd+T)

  • Millions of start ups fail every year. What does that happen, though? Check out this blog post before you find yourself in a path to absolute failure. (Via Growth Hackers)


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